Treat Your Child's Ear Infections Yourself

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One of the ‘in your palm’ Treat Yourself booklet series, Treat Your Child’s Ear Infections Yourself is based on the combined experience of the practitioners from the Children’s Ear Clinic in Sydney run over many years. It offers parents simple preventative strategies and assists them to manage their child’s ear infections with affordable, natural treatments in the comfort of their home. 

Nyema Hermiston, RN, ND Adv Dip Hom, BSc Hons offers her 35 years experience of treating children and helping to avoid the need for antibiotics, analgesics, and other medications. 

Categories include: Common causes of ear pain, colds, runny noses, tonsillitis, hearing problems and glue ear.


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Publisher: Karuna Publishing

ISBN 9780648414438

Page Count: 88

Product Dimensions: 140x100mm

Weight: 73g

Language: English

Related Categories: alternative medicine, complementary medicine, child health, healing, patient self-monitoring, treatment, therapeutics